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How many UID can be bind to the same bank account?
The same bank account can be bind with unlimited UID. 

Does shareholders and members also need to do real-name authentication?
Real-name authentication is not mandatory, but without verified, you will not be able to transfer money, receive money, and add friends.

Is reward 100 based on user name or bank account?
The reward 100 is based on the bank account. For example, a user who has 5 bank accounts will get 5 rewards, but must use 5 UIDs for real-name authentication.


What is the reason for real-name authentication?
To prevent people with intentions from using the company account to conduct fraudulent activities.


If a customer has 2 UIDs, how many times of first recharge reward does the same bank account get?
Each bank account which bind to a real-name authentication can only get once first recharge reward.


What is the minimum top-up amount to get the first recharge reward?
According to the platform, minimum top up amount is RM20.


If Player A recharges and transfer the points to Player B to play the game, can Player B make withdraw after wins money?


Will I get the first recharge reward when I do the first recharge by using Instant Top Up or ATM Cash Deposit after real-name authentication?
After real-name authentication, only recharge via Bank Transfer can get the first recharge reward.


In condition without real-name authentication, do I need to have the same name for recharge and withdrawal?
Bank account with any name can be used for recharge without real-name authentication but withdrawal can only be make to the latest bank account which use for recharge.

Can I do real-name authentication by using bank account opened under company’s name?
Yes, no problem.

One UID can be bind to how many real-name authentication?
Each UID can only be bind to one real-name authentication.

Can I get MYR100 rewards for newly registered accounts?

Yes, registration is required through this website. Click for Register

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